Monday, November 5, 2007

Divine by Patons

When making both the "Love Pink Cotton Candy" and "Blue Cotton Candy" hats, I used a Patons yarn called "Divine". Previously, when creating hats with that "fuzzy" look, I used homespun. While I like the look and feel of the homespun, I always had to be very careful not to break the yarn. If I pulled "a stitch" too tightly, the homespun would break, however, Divine is a much sturdier yarn.

I also found that I could achieve two somewhat different looks based upon technique. If I blended the Divine with a strand of plain yarn, the fuzziness was decreased. See "Love Pink Cotton Candy". But, if I used two strands of the Divine, the end result was very fuzzy...just like cotton candy. See "Blue Cotton Candy".

This weekend I made infant mittens to match "Love Pink Cotton Candy". The pictures will be uploaded sometime this week.

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