Thursday, December 20, 2007

De Lavande

Recently several TABI Hats products were featured on De Lavande ( a website dedicated to showcasing beautiful handcrafted, necklaces and more.

I had an opportunity to dialogue with Rachelle, the artist, and discovered that she was born and raised in Traverse City, Michigan, but recently moved to Cookeville, Tennessee. Inspired by nature, gardens, and the pure enjoyment of beading Rachelle began creating necklaces for her mom as well as herself. Before long, "my friends would ask if I would make something special for them."

Just as I create knit toddler and baby hats and accessories for the sheer pleasure of it, Rachelle declares that it's " way of getting away from all the stress [I] would sit back on the couch, pop in a movie and bead necklaces until I passed out. To me this was heaven." For well over 10 years Rachelle has been making hand beaded necklaces with simple and clean, yet elegant designs. Check out her Etsy shop at

As a fellow crafter, selling on Etsy can be a challenge. Rachelle offered me this word of encouragement, "stick with it because if nothing else you can meet some great people and even learn a few things to enhance your own craft." I look forward to seeing more of Rachelle's beautiful jewelry. She aspires to sell at least 2 items per month on her Etsy Shop, but I guarantee she will sell much more.

Check out her blog for more information.

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