Friday, December 7, 2007

Felting Patterns and More

My insatiable desire for knowledge led me on an Internet search for felted purse pictures and patterns. Lucky me, I happened upon the site called Free Felted Patterns.

This easy to navigate site boasts 451 free patterns accompanied by pictures of the finished project. Some of the patterns are available in .PDF format for easy viewing, printing and saving. Not to mention many of the pattern links actually link you to another blog or website with more knitting and felting information. Free Felted Patterns is a portal to an abundance of information.

Another nice thing about the site are the pattern selections. Many are knitting patterns, while others are crochet patterns. There are mittens, purses, backpacks, house slippers and more. The practice of felting has opened for me, a new world of creativity.

I am excited that I found this site. There are so many ideas to choose from that I simply cannot make a decision. Visit Free Felted Patterns and let me know if you found the site as exciting as I did. If you use one of the patterns send me a comment, I would love to feature your finished project.
Click on each picture to obtain the free pattern!


Knitting Mania said...

I'm so excited, I finally found another felter..YAY...I've been felting purses for 4 years now, so much fun...

Your work is just beautiful, the blue felted bag is stunning!

Come visit me and tell me what you think?

njm said...

Knitting Mania,

As much as I would love to take the credit, I cannot for this felted bag.

I was featuring the pattern in my post. I just visited your blog. Great photos of your work!