Saturday, December 8, 2007

More About Dharma Designs

Wendy Baylis is both the artisan and founder of Dharma Designs. A Portland, Oregon native, Wendy describes her craft and style as soulful and passionate. While juggling a full-time job, writing a fictional novel about a medical evacuation helicopter crew in the Vietnam War, and Blogging on she is able to create the beautiful handcrafted jewelry pieces found on The two pieces featured reflect her creative ability and attention to detail.

When asked, "What inspires you?" Wendy responded, "Everything - from colors and textures, to sights and sounds. I seem to be drawn to Asian elements, especially Tibetan folklore and Buddhist teachings." A lover of all things creative, specifically writing, painting, drawing, and beading, she has been creating "ever since I could hold a crayon." Wendy is optimistic that today's hobby will "turn into a full-time job someday." When looking to the future, she has set her goals high as she would "love to be able to spread peace and understanding of all cultures and faiths through art."

I would like to leave you and other fellow Etsians with a word of advice from Wendy..."Do what's in your heart! Whether it's for business or a hobby, be true to your passions. Fulfill your true self in your art."


Dharma Designs said...

THANKS so much for the article! You are too sweet! :-)

Nikki said...


I am thrilled that you liked the article.

Happy creating!