Monday, January 7, 2008


Tabi Hats is making some changes...for the better! The next time you visit my Etsy Shop at, check out the new banner. I received help from one of my sister Etsy members... My Little Giggles. Check out her Etsy shop at! They carry the most adorable pacifier clips in an assortment of colors and patterns. Not to mention infant hair bows and personalized bracelets. Check out the pictures to see for yourself.

Stay tuned for changes here as well. First, in the menu bar on the right, you will notice new functionality. Gift certificates can be purchased online for use in my Tabi Hats Etsy Shop. All gift certificates are purchased through PayPal, the safest, most acceptable payment method on the Internet. Additionally, within the next few days a new banner will be available on this Blog as well.

All banners were created with the assistance of My Little Giggles using: and/or

Happy Shopping!


Anne a.k.a. contrariwise said...

I checked out your new banner and it's great! Really goes with your shop.

Nikki said...

Thanks Anne! I am really excited about the new look and feel. Hope you visit again soon!