Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Citrus Ponytail Holders - EtsyBaby Favorite

TabiHats, Citrus Ponytail Holders, is featured as a favorites on EtsyBaby. Check out the listing as well as a few others in the "EtsyBaby Favorites" list.
The flowers on the ponytail holders are made of yarn - both the petals and the center or "bud". When making these, I found the project to be a creative, yet simple and fun way to use yarn.
The yarn used for this project is acrylic - the petals are worsted weight, while the center is softee yarn. The petals are attached to a color coordinated scruncii (tm). Scrunciis are great for the hair as the fabric deters the hair from becoming snarled around it.
The point of attachment is covered with a small piece of color coordinated felt. Check out the Citrus Ponytail Holder link for a back view.
If you try to make these yourself, let me know. I would love to feature your project and post any pictures you submit.

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