Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Valentine's Day Hat

Valentine's Day is approaching fast as I am sure you can tell by all of the hearts, and cards, and candy displays set-up in every store. I figured, I might as well add to the festivities with one of the newest hats, I designed and created just for babies.
I haven't been able to choose a name for it yet...I love to name each project, so for now it's the pink hat trimmed with red satin ribbon. One special note, the double bow was hand stitched with embroidery yarn to add additional detailing. Check out the little ladybug hiding within the folds of the bow!
If you come up with a name...let me know. My hat would appreciate it! :-)


Trendy Tots said...

Your hat is beautiful! You did a great job! A name...hmmmm...what about Strawberry Kisses?

njm said...


I LOVE it! Strawberry Kisses it is! Thanks!