Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Retail Outlets for Artists

Many artists (I include artists of all kinds - painters, sculpters, knitters, jewelry makers, etc.) at some point in their lives look for an outlet to sell their creations.

I was knitting and crocheting for almost 2 years before I began seriously investing the time to aggressively sell my hats and other knit products. Initially, I had a basket full of hats that I routinely gave away to the kids, friends, relatives, or simply wore myself. One day I participated in a craft fair at work and the interest was overwhelming to me. I had 20 custom orders from a 2 hour craft fair - when previously the only custom orders I received were from the kids.

For other artists/crafters like myself there are various options where we can peddle our wares. Some I've recently heard about and others yet to be discovered. In the interest of sharing business tips and ideas, I have included below the link to a great US News & World Report article from the Money and Business Section. This article talks briefly about selling on eBay as well as eBay alternatives. Enjoy...


Boycotting eBay? Here Are Three Alternatives
Users protesting fee changes need not stop selling altogether
By Kimberly Palmer
Posted February 11, 2008

After eBay announced pricing changes that translate into higher fees for items that sell but lower fees for those that don't, heavy users of the site quickly expressed their frustration.

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