Thursday, March 27, 2008

Welcome to Kaleidoscope Style

In this week's feature I would like to direct your attention to Kaleidoscope Style. This great Etsy shop features fun, colorful felt accessories designed by two sisters from Germany - Katrin and Ina. Katrin moved to the US about 10 years ago, however, last year after a visit from Ina, the duo started their felt accessory line. Both sisters take credit for the designs found in their Etsy shop Kaleidoscope Style. "Now that she [Ina] is back in Germany, she sends me care packages with the pieces she creates there. I then use her designs to finish them into pendants, bracelets, necklaces…all kind of things." Many siblings have trouble spending the day together without aggravating one another, but not these two. Katrin wistfully looks forward to the day that Ina will be able to return to the US to resume their working relationship.

When asked to describe their craft style Katrin responded, "We like to have some fun with our designs! So we are happy with anything we create that puts a smile on our faces. We also love to work with lots of colors and patterns." When visiting their Etsy shop, the wonderful colors evoke happy feelings within me. I'm sure you would feel the same.

Katrin has been creating for longer than she can remember. Even though she has "meddled" in various types of crafts throughout the years, her first love is jewelry and accessories. Both Katrin and Ina find creative inspiration in everything they come in contact with. "We can be inspired by the movies we watch, our childhood or even by the materials we buy. Often I also think about possible designs while sitting in the dark holding my baby girl until she falls asleep. And my sister loves to design in front of the TV."
As a fellow crafter, I can certainly relate. I have been inspired in the middle of the night while sleeping, while in the shower, or in the midst of other creative people. Isn't it funny how creative people can be inspired by what seems to be mundane?

Presently, Katrin is a fulltime stay-at-home mom. This affords her the opportunity to spend a lot of time engaged in creative exploits. While Katrin would not classify her crafting status as a hobby it is not quite a fulltime job...yet. "For my sister, it is still a hobby, but I’m the one keeping up the shop and doing all the promoting." You can learn more about Katrin and Ina as well as their adventures in creativity by visiting "Cuteacious". Or simply visit Kaleidoscope Style the next time you are in the mood for a little accessory shopping.

I will leave you with one word of advice from the creators of Kaleidoscope Style ..."Just keep on doing your thing! You really have to stay on top of it and invest a lot of time promoting your shop. The customers won’t be able to come to you if you don’t put yourself out there to find."


Ophelia Miller Boutique said...

Nice feature. Thanks for sharing. I'm off t visit their shop.

Katrin said...

Thank you so much for this great feature! I'm so excited, I'm offering everyone who comes to my shop from here a 10% Discount. Just put in 'TABIHATS' in the message to seller and I send a revised invoice! Hope everyone is having fun at my shop!!!

RainbowMom said...

What a beautiful and bright shop! I love bright and fun, funky things and have added them to my favorites! :) Great write-up!

BeckyKay said...

What a great looking shop! A very nice feature!

Anonymous said...

Very nicely done - and some great advice there. Cute stuff too!

njm said...

Thanks all of you for visiting and commenting. Katrin and Ina have such a great shop.


njm said...


What a great idea! I'll make sure that I discuss in the threads on the Etsy Forum as well.