Monday, November 19, 2007

Accepting The Challenge - Yarn Purchase

I'm calm...I'm decisive...I've decided to proceed with the felting project. I purchased recycled, lambswool, sport weight yarn from Crafty Yarn.

Here is a little information taken directly from the Crafty Yarn site about recycled yarn:

"My yarns are recycled (unraveled) from gently-used, high-quality sweaters. Color and texture are very important to me and I only work with sweaters made from lovely yarn.

About knotted ends: the short version is that your skein of yarn probably won't have noticeably more knots in it than any new skein might. The long version: if the yarn is made primarily from a fiber that will felt (wool, cashmere, angora, or any other animal fiber), then I felt any ends within the skein together so you don't get extra knots. If it's a plant or synthetic fiber, skeins may have up to two knotted ends, but many will have one or none. In any given skein, there may also be a knot or two that were in the yarn from the original manufacturer.I determine the length of my skeins by creating measured hanks, not just by weight, so you can be confident that the lengths I give are accurate.

All yarn has been gently unraveled, wound into skeins and hand-washed with a mild eco-friendly soap. After washing, the yarn is hung outside to dry in the warm California sun, leaving it soft and fresh. During this process it will have relaxed somewhat, but will probably still be a little kinky from having been knit up (but never so much that it won't be easy to knit with).
Each of my skeins is individually labeled with fiber content, wraps per inch, yarn weight, precise yardage and weight."

Now, I am off to find a felt pattern/project to use my yarn. Wish me luck!

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