Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Meet Etsy Artist... Meg Finn of Vintage Scraps

Recently while surfing Etsy, I met a wonderful new Etsy artist...Meg Finn. Meg is the proprietor of Vintage Scraps, a shop dedicated to taking original antique graphics and creating functional, usable art, while showing them off to their best advantage. I found myself inexplicably drawn to the beautiful works created by the newly dubbed collage artist. You will find a variety of cards - single and gift sets, journals, clipboards, even wedding albums in her shop.

When speaking to Meg, I learned that she has been hand crafting journals etc., using antique graphics only since September 2007. Amazing! "Way back in the day, I chose Education over graphic design as my major, and after 6 years of teaching then 15 years doing student ministry, I have rediscovered art, and am continually inspired by antiques, the people who appreciate them, and by the Master Creator (God)." I was impressed to learn that Vintage Scraps donates more than 30% of its profits to charities and ministries.

At this time Vintage Scraps is not a fulltime job; however, "I am hoping this will continue to grow into a (not quite) fulltime job, so I don't have to get a "real" job when my firstborn goes to college in the fall." Don't worry Meg...I am confident that you will be able to fulfill your dream. Your work speaks for itself as reflected in the pictures above.

When asked what advice she would give fellow Etsyians and crafters, Meg expounds..."it's never too late to start something radically different, and get paid for creating stuff while drinking coffee in your pajamas, so do it if you aren't already!"

Good luck to you Meg! I wish Vintage Scraps much success.


ThePeachTree said...

I'm just amazed each and every time another amazing etsian is brought to my attention :) What a wonderful spread on a lovely shop!

njm said...


Thanks for visiting and commenting. I love to share any and everything I learn about crafting - from creativity to business, marketing, and promoting. I especially love to share tidbits every now and then about my fellow Etsyians!

Torann said...

oh her work is so lovely :)

njm said...


Yes, Vintage Scraps has beautiful work. Thanks for visiting - off to check out your blog!