Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The Camera Difference

Let's just say...words cannot express my excitement! A few months ago, my digital camera went on the fritz. I was panicked about how I would be able to take pictures of my new hats and other children's accessories for my Etsy shop - TabiHats. Not to mention, I was worried about getting great shots for my blog.
Since the demise of my camera, I began purchasing and using, to my chagrin, disposable cameras. Let me just say...All cameras are NOT made equal! Even though they both proclaim to be 35 mm cameras. There were times when I would borrow a friend's camera to take pictures as well, but not as often as I would have liked - you know, it comes to a point when you feel guilty about borrowing something over and over and over again. Therefore, I would breakdown and purchase yet another disposable camera.
A few times, I used the kids digital camera. Definitely an improvement over the disposable, but I still was unable to capture the type of shot I desired.
Not any more! Last weekend, I purchased a Canon 580 digital camera and I am officially in love. There are so many gadgets that I am still learning how to use the camera. (Sure reading the instructions would be helpful, but I am a little too impatient.) I accidentally deleted pictures off last night - but that's alright - I have a new camera! It has been difficult to contain myself! At random times, I just whip out the camera to take random shots. Yes, I sound like a little kid - well I feel like one.

Now, getting back to "business." Let me just show you the difference... The picture at the beginning of the post was taken using a disposable 35 mm camera. The picture in the middle of the post was taken using one of the kid's cameras. The picture to the left was taken with my new Canon 580. Amazing difference!
  • The colors are vibrant.
  • The picture is clear.
  • The image is sharp.

Just wait until I figure out how to use all of the gadgets. My pictures will soon be unbelievable!


Knitted Gems said...

Oh, wow, your new cam takes great shots!

njm said...

I know I should be demure, but...I KNOW!!!! It takes great photos and I am the worlds worst photographer. I give all of the credit to the camera! :-)

Glorious Hats said...

Good for you. What a wonderous difference. Have fun playing and learning.

njm said...

Thanks glorious hats! I can't wait to retake all of my photographs.

jmday said...

Wow I have the same camera. I like it, except that it is very sensitive to the slight tremor in my hands.

njm said...


I'll have to watch out for that. Thus far, I hadn't noticed. Thanks for the FYI!