Monday, March 17, 2008

TabiHats Retail Sales?

This spring my goal is to locate children's boutiques who might be interested in carrying TabiHats children's accessories. This is my first venture of the sort and find that I am somewhat nervous about approaching local business owners.

While the worst they could say is "No" they could also say "Yes". In my humble opinion, a "Yes" is probably even scarier. A "Yes" opens the door to many currently unanswered questions. Questions like:
  1. Do I offer items on consignment?
  2. Should I price differently?
  3. Will I be required to maintain a specific amount of products within the location?
  4. What happens if something is damaged while on the premises?
  5. Am I responsible for setting up a special display?
  6. Should I set up a special display?
  7. How do I collect money for items sold?

I would love to hear from sellers of handmade products who have successfully established this type of arrangement. What advice would you give to a newbie?


Bejeweled said...

Those are all really good questions. My tip would be: call ahead to arrange a meeting with the person responsible for buying :) Generally you are better received than if you just stop by.

Good luck!!!

njm said...

Thanks bejeweled! I will certainly call ahead to make an appointment.