Sunday, May 18, 2008

Craft Fairs

Recently, I have been searching for craft fairs. Obviously, I must be looking in the wrong place - I have yet to find a local craft fair. Although many from across the country are advertised as upcoming - there seems to be a fascination in the western part of the country with craft fairs.

So you ask... what's so special about craft fairs? Why do you want to know? I am interested in what's new as well as the opportunity to sell my own merchandise from TabiHats (my Etsy shop). Locally, many may be looking forward to summer; however, Fall is right around the corner and once again moms will begin the search for hats and scarves for their precious little one. Knit products to protect infants and babies from the cold, inclement weather of Fall and Winter.

So, each week I conduct Google searches to no avail. Well let me clarify, to no avail locally - I have found numerous craft fairs in every state but Ohio. Are we Ohioans not participating in craft fairs or do we not advertise them? If you live in the tri-state area - Indiana, Ohio, and Kentucky, please provide any information you have available on upcoming craft fairs. Also, how did you find out about them? Perhaps you can give me some search tips.


Anonymous said...

Your local chamber of commerce should have a listing of all upcoming craft fairs. You can check with local churches. Sometimes they have their own and other times they know about other fairs around.
If your county has a promotion and toursim office, they should have info on all the fairs. Check all your local newspapers that are online too! The paper I work for has a calander of upcoming fairs. Hope that helps.

njm said...

WOW! Thanks Helen! I hope you don't mind, but I may combine your comment with a few others into a new post.

Parallax Photo said...

Good luck finding some good ones!

Anonymous said...

so you are in kentucky?? you should definitely road trip it up to blacksburg va--- home of va tech hokiessss!!! there are a TON of local boutiques who will consign, maybe even wholesale from you. plus it is in the mountains and its known for getting really cold here! hope this helps!

also vt colors are orange and maroon-- you will sell out if you brought up a selection ;) just fyi.

njm said...


Thanks for the advice.

Gina said...

Well, there are lots here in Indiana but I'm not sure they are worth the trip you would have to make. I went to one at the weekend that used to be very good but was very limited in crafters this year. The Covered Bridge Festival is always a good draw and huge. As mentioned by someone else, your chamber of commerce usually has info on the good ones.

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