Monday, March 10, 2008

Meet Peacoxcreations!

I am pleased to present to you "peacoxcreations" - baskets, babies, and beyond. A quaint Etsy shop founded by Patti Cox-Charles. When talking to Patti, I was interested in the origins of the name of this Etsy shop where you can find handmade christening gowns, handwoven baskets, hats and scarf sets, and more. A brief inquiry revealed, "The name "peacoxcreations" comes from P. Cox, [Patti's] first initial and last name before she remarried"

Patti, the "P" in "peacoxcreations" describes her style as eclectic. The lover of many crafts, this fiber artist always has several projects going on at one time. "I've loved crocheting and knitting for many years, but I consider pine needle basketry my favorite art form." Patti is inspired by the beautiful things she finds around her - a claim not everyone can make.

I asked Patti if she creates full time or if her passion is a hobby. Her reply... "It's a hobby. Since some of my crochet projects, such as the christening gowns, and many of the baskets take me up to (and above) 40 hours to make, I could never do this for a living." All I can say is... amazing! Patti began crafting almost 60 year ago - longer than most of my blog readers have been around. Including myself! She caught the crafting bug from her mother and admits to an insatiable desire to create things.

You can learn more about Patti on her blog at A must read - Patti's blog contains tidbits about family, friends, and crafting (not necessarily in that order). Oh, yes... It's also about writing her book!

When asked, "what advice would you give fellow crafters?" Patti eloquently responded, "Love what you do; life is too short to do otherwise." Visit this fantastic Etsy shop - you'll love it!

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